Shopping Cart Etiquette

Shopping Cart Etiquette

There are many small gestures we can perform throughout the
day that make life easier for other people. Random acts of kindness can inspire
others to do the same. One example would be serving those who serve you.

Random Shopping Cart

Instead of leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the
parking lot, why not return it to where it belongs? Simply returning it to the
cart corral or front of the store not only makes someone’s job easier, it avoids
creating a hassle for your fellow customers.  We’ve all seen that empty parking space ahead
only to find it being occupied by a random cart left behind by a thoughtless
patron. Some of us have actually had our vehicles damaged by a runaway cart in
the parking lot.

 Returning Shopping Carts

It’s a small act that doesn’t require a lot of thought or energy.
However, it will be greatly appreciated by all. This is especially true for those
who must constantly retrieve random shopping carts during extreme
temperatures and weather.

Returning Shopping Cart in Freezing Weather