Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t find what I was looking for on your website. Do you carry other products?
Give us a call. Most of the time we can special order or locate the part or item you need. Be sure to keep checking back. We plan to continuously expand our webstore. You can also ask us to carry an item.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. Please contact us for details.

How do I track my order?
Feel free to contact our office. We can locate your order during the shipping process.

What shipping methods do you use?
We use UPS ground or the best possible method. We can overnight urgent orders. Items like replacement parts and cartWipes CLEAN products are shipped via standard UPS ground. For larger items like shopping carts and cart corrals, we use the best possible method.

Why can’t I factor in shipping for items like new shopping carts?
The shipping cost for shopping carts and larger equipment orders are affected by weight and distance.

Who do I contact about adding my logo or value message to shopping carts, cart corral signs and other in store items?
Please send your inquiries to steve@cartsandparts.com. You may also call Steve Lynch at 1-800-424-2278.

My store is located in the northeastern United States and I noticed your locations are based primarily in the south central and southwestern US. Can you still service my shopping carts?
Yes. Our network of service providers covers the entire United States.

Before I order replacement parts, I need to make sure they will work with my equipment. How can I be sure?
Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced technicians. Chances are we have serviced your type of equipment many times. Give us a call. We are happy to help you find the right part or service that meets your requirements.

How soon will my order ship?
For small orders, normal shipping time is within three days of when we receive the order – up to two weeks for large orders.

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