Why CartWipes CLEAN?

Are you spending money on cart wipes for customers to use on their shopping carts before they start their trip through the store?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons cartWipes CLEAN is the better choice.

Hand Friendly when used on cart handles and baby seats. There are no harsh pesticides, chemicals or skin-chafing alcohol that you encounter when using other brands of cart wipes.  DermaSAF is dermatologist approved and the proprietary formulation used for pre-moistening cartWipes CLEAN. Microbiological Laboratory tested, cartWipes Clean is effective against the many pathogens found in food and retail store operations. Our cartWipes are SAFE, effective and GENTLE on hands.

The REUSABLE WIPES CONTAINER fits conveniently in the dispenser station with an attractive look that is suitable for today’s modern stores. Each cartWipes CLEAN container holds 1200 tear-away towelettes in a disposable plastic pouch. The lid design simplifies initial threading when starting a new roll. The effective design makes pulling out and tearing away wipes more reliable than most dispensers on the market. Our dispenser station is designed to eliminate waste. Dispensing the towelette can be done using just one hand. No more cart wipes all over the floor. One towelette per pull.

The Unique Dispenser Station is placed at the cart pickup area. Each station is custom designed with signage displaying the store banner and logotype. The custom design attracts the attention of shoppers while providing a special service. The cartWipes CLEAN system acts as an effective marketing tool while communicating your commitment to customer care. This has a more positive impact on the shopper than the typical brands of wipes you see in stores around the country.  The cartWipes CLEAN System sends a message to shoppers that your store is concerned with their health and well being.

An attractive wastebasket fits inside the cartWipes floor stand making it convenient for shoppers to dispose of used towelettes. The cartWipes CLEAN combo kit is an attractive and useful fixture for any grocery store or supermarket.

Order cartWipes Clean Today . . . Customer care and marketing in one convenient station.

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