Purchase Replacement Parts for Shopping Carts

Purchase Replacement Parts for Shopping Carts

SAFETY AND SHOPPER SATISFACTION . . . Shopping Cart Maintenance is the key. Shopping Cart repairs are easy with our line of shopping cart wheels, replacement parts and seatbelts direct from Carts & Parts, Inc.  Retailers must ensure that carts are in top condition, manage risks and make sure that customers have carts that are in working order.

Inspect all of these CRITICAL COMPONENTS:
Handles, Seatbelts, Leg-Hole Closures (baby-seats), Rear Wheels, Front Casters.

Make sure you inspect your carts for broken, malfunctioning and missing parts. Need replacement casters? Wobbly, balky or jammed wheels and swivel casters are a major irritant for shoppers. Shopping carts in good condition make an excellent first impression. When your equipment works properly you are building a positive store image. This in turn helps you build a loyal customer base!

If you need assistance or have any questions, your cart consultant is just a call away. Contact us at 1-800-424-2278.

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