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Meet the Company that Turns Shopping Carts into Ad Inventory

Cartvertising helps local businesses advertise in grocery stores. Advertising can get pretty niche. For instance, here’s an entire agency dedicated to helping supermarkets transition from print to digital marketing. There’s also IndoorMedia, a company that helps small businesses advertise within their local grocery store, whether at the checkout stand or on grocery dividers. One of […]

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Kroger Pilots AI-Powered Shopping Cart

Kroger is testing an AI-powered shopping cart at a Cincinnati store, enabling shoppers to scan items and pay directly on the cart itself for a more seamless in-store experience. The new “KroGO”-branded smart cart, which is powered by tech company Caper, uses deep learning and computer vision to quickly recognize items placed inside the cart, eliminating […]

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Coronacoping: Cooking at home is a ‘thing’ again

Fiction writer Sherrie Flick had an inkling there might be shortages of her favorite cooking and baking supplies when Pittsburgh shut down during the start of COVID-19. For the first time, she signed up for Harvie Farms Pittsburgh’s community-supported agriculture program — despite being a prolific home gardener. “They tend to have things sooner than […]

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Social Distancing Shopping Cart Soccer

Social Distancing Shopping Cart Soccer Is The Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today if you don’s speak German, you may want to keep the volume off. We promise it’s still oddly entertaining.  The video was created by Team Rabenfront, a film team from the outskirts of Dresden, and pokes some fun at how soccer can still […]

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Grocery Store Employees Are National Heroes

With restaurants closed across the country, Americans are relying almost solely on their local grocery stores to feed their families. The coronavirus continues to infect more people by the day as even rural areas are seeing a steady climb in people who have contracted the disease. Our grocery store clerks and employees are putting themselves […]

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Police Cracking Down on Shopping Cart Thieves

Many towns across the U.S are starting to crack down on shopping cart thieves. Chief Stuart Roberts of Pendleton, Oregon says many businesses in his jurisdiction are not securing the carts overnight, and with the growing homeless population, thefts of the carts are becoming a real problem. “We’ve communicated with those retail outlets and have […]

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