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What will it take to build a better shopping cart?

A university study finds shopping carts with two parallel grips, instead of the standard single horizontal handlebar, could boost sales by 25 percent for grocers versus standard carts because they work the biceps instead of the triceps. “Psychology research has proven that triceps activation is associated with rejecting things we don’t like – for example […]

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Food safety: the dirty truth about shopping carts

Media Contact: Kirsten Hollansworth | Communications Graduate Student | 405-744-0442 | Walking into a grocery store, most shoppers are focused on their shopping lists to avoid forgetting essential household items. When selecting a shopping cart, most people center their attention on avoiding that undesirable squeaky wheel. But a positive shopping experience can easily go […]

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How Gross Is Your Shopping Cart?

If this story doesn’t get you to use those antibacterial wipes at grocery store entrances, nothing will. The California-based organization decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary of making “green” reusable grocery bags by swabbing items in grocery stores for bacteria. It’s an odd choice, considering that most companies would have just popped for bagels and coffee but … […]

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Scottsdale woman invents recyclable shopping cart liner

For Andi Barness-Rubin, the COVID-19 pandemic led to invention. The Scottsdale woman created a recyclable shopping cart liner to protect people from the germs and grime that cling to carts. Barness-Rubin, who started Cart Safe in April 2020, points to an often-quoted study from University of Arizona microbiologist Charles Gerba – also known as Dr. Germ – that […]

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Meet the Company that Turns Shopping Carts into Ad Inventory

Cartvertising helps local businesses advertise in grocery stores. Advertising can get pretty niche. For instance, here’s an entire agency dedicated to helping supermarkets transition from print to digital marketing. There’s also IndoorMedia, a company that helps small businesses advertise within their local grocery store, whether at the checkout stand or on grocery dividers. One of […]

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