Used Shopping Carts

used plastic shopping cart
Used Plastic Shopping Cart

Used Shopping Carts

Our used shopping carts are refurbished and reconditioned for satisfactory service. If you are looking for fill-ins or complete cart replacement in high-loss store locations, we have you covered. Our in-house inventory ordinarily includes a broad selection of models in various sizes. 

We have locations in Oklahoma City, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix and Tampa.

Whether you are looking for metal shopping carts, plastic shopping carts, large or small, we have a large inventory to fit your needs. We also carry a large selection of new shopping carts.

 We Can Add Handles With Your Store Logo.

 If you need help figuring out what carts might work with your existing fleet: 

New Shipments in Regularly

Our inventory consists of large quantities of high quality used shopping carts. Each cart is reconditioned and ready for use.  Call us to purchase 1-800-424-2278

Express Used Shopping Carts Our used express carts are great for small shops with limited space. Stacked dual baskets are designed to carry hefty loads. Sizes range between 4,000 cu inches – 7,000 cu inches, with handle widths ranging between 19″ – 21″.

Small Used Shopping Carts Our used small carts are great for convenient stores, dollar stores, liquor stores and any other small retail operation. Sizes range between 8,000 – 11,000 cu inches, with handle widths ranging between 20″ – 23″.

Large Used Shopping Carts Large used carts work best for super-centers, large grocery stores, department stores and other large consumer-based operations. Sizes range between 16,000 – 18000 cu inches, with handle sizes ranging between 24″ – 25″.

 Jumbo Used Shopping Carts Our jumbo used carts are great for home improvement and hardware stores, garden centers and pet stores. Basically, any place where customers will be hauling large items. Sizes range between 19,000 – 28,000 cu inches, with handle sizes ranging between 25″ – 33″.

 Sell us your old or excess shopping carts

Carts and Parts will buy used carts from stores that are closing or upgrading to new equipment. Do you have too many carts in your inventory? We buy most American brands and models. 

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