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cartWipes CLEAN™

All over America shoppers look for cartWipes CLEAN shopping cart sanitizing wipes at the supermarket entrance. It’s how customers can be sure their trip through the store is a safer, healthier experience.

Your baskets, buggies and carts are used by hundreds of customers each week. Supermarket and retail customers are naturally concerned about coming in contact with harmful germs and contaminants after touching shopping cart components. A cartWipes CLEAN combo kit by the entrance signals to every shopper entering your store that you care about their health and wellness. The unique floor stand dispenser unit is equipped with custom logotype that will draw the attention of customers while advertising your product or brand.

Here are some of our stand options. Other models are available. Be sure to check our catalog.

Our cart wipes are treated with a non alcohol, non irritating solution that is recognized as a safe and effective antibacterial and antiseptic.

Now you can make it convenient for customers to treat the cart handle and baby seat with cartWipes CLEAN. They will know the cart they are using is hygienic and is ready to fill with items from your store.

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