Purchase Replacement Parts for Shopping Carts

SAFETY AND SHOPPER SATISFACTION . . . Shopping Cart Maintenance is the key. Shopping Cart repairs are easy with our line of shopping cart wheels, replacement parts and seatbelts direct from Carts & Parts, Inc.  Retailers must ensure that carts are in top condition, manage risks and make sure that customers have carts that are in working order.

Inspect all of these CRITICAL COMPONENTS:
Handles, Seatbelts, Leg-Hole Closures (babyseats), Rear Wheels, Front Casters.

Make sure you inspect your carts for broken, malfunctioning and missing parts. Need replacement casters? Wobbly, balky or jammed wheels and swivel casters are a major irritant for shoppers. Shopping carts in good condition make an excellent first impression. When your equipment works properly you are building a positive store image. This in turn helps you build a loyal customer base!

handle, seatbelt, leg hole closure, rear wheel, front caster complete

Purchase Shopping Cart Replacement Parts. If you need assistance or have any questions, your cart consultant is just a call away. Contact us at 1-800-424-2278.