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Black Nylon Seat Belt

Seat Belt

Black Nylon Seat Belt

Black Snap On Handle

Shopping Cart Handle

Snap-On Handle. Available in Red or Blue. On Check out, Please specify in the comments if you need 3 pin or 4 pin handles.

Black Lowe's Leg Hole Closure

Leg Hole Closure

Leg Hole Closure. Available in Red or Blue

4" Small Shopping Cart Wheel

4" x 1.25" Small Shopping Cart Wheel #Part #WH4125PO

Rear Shopping Cart Wheel

5" Standard Shopping Cart Wheel

5" X 1.25" Standard Shopping Cart Wheel #WH515PO

Caster Complete

5" swivel stem caster complete #CC5SW

5X2 Caster Complete

5 x 2 Caster Complete

Medium/Heavy Duty Caster With Zinc Plated Steel With Lacquer Dip Yoke #CC52SW

5X2 Poly on Poly Wheel

5 X 2 Poly Wheel

5"x 2" poly on poly wheel #WH52PO

6 x 2 poly on poly wheel

6 x 2 Poly Wheel

6"x 2" poly on poly wheel #WH62PO