Shopping Cart Repair: Common Problems

Shopping Cart Repair: Common Problems

If you own or manage a grocery store you have probably been faced with the daunting task of repairing your shopping carts. Not only does malfunctioning or worn out equipment create a problem for you shoppers, it creates an added expense affecting your bottom line. Nevertheless, keeping up with maintenance is often cheaper than replacing an entire fleet of shopping carts. Below is a list of common parts and components that eventually will require your attention.

  1. Wheels and casters. Most often it is the bearings that become worn. This can cause the dreaded “wheel wobble.” The tread can also wear. Luckily replacement wheels are inexpensive and easy to install.

  2. Child Seat belts. This is another common item that will eventually need to be replaced. Constant use or getting caught between the endgate can gradually wear down the material and locking mechanism.

  3. Baby seats. Most shopping carts are used by over a hundred people a week. There is no doubt that a substantial portion of your customers will have infants. Baby seats are also a prime spot for a 24 pack of beer – maybe even a bag of ice. Eventually your logo or lettering will fade, and the material will begin to crack.

  4. Welding.  A slightly worn or broken frame can be welded. If the damage is minor, most of these issues can be repaired.

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