Xylobag™ Compostable Bags

xylobag™ Xylobags™ compostable bags by cycleWood Solutions utilize lignin as a raw material. Wood lignin is a byproduct of the paper manufacturing process. 

Lignin is the second most abundant natural polymer, second only to cellulose. Lignin's natural purpose in plants is to act as a glue to bind plant fibers together. The strength and sturdiness of a tree can be attributed to this natural polymer.

xylobag Lawn and Leaf/Tall Kitchen

Wood lignin improves the physical properties of the bag. The strength of the Xylobag is comparable to that of low density polyethylene bags. Compostable bags manufactured with starch and polylactic acid absorb water. This ends up making them more difficult to process and shortens the shelf life. The kraft lignin used to produce our bags will not dissolve in water. This characteristic allows Xylobag to have a longer shelf life than other compostable bags.

By utilizing an existing industrial byproduct, no additional trees or plants need to be harvested. Order from us on Amazon.

Xylobag™ Advantages.

  • Is comparable in strength to regular plastics
  • Breaks down in 180 days or less in a compost environment
  • Has a shelf life of 2 years or longer
  • Does not require harvesting additional trees
  • Does not dissolve in water
  • Good for the environment
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not come from food supply

How it works.

Go Eco. Go Xylo!
BPI Compostable

Order from us on Amazon
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