Vanguard Eco-Baskets

Think green. Choose Vanguard

Vanguard eco-baskets divert hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from landfills. This helps retailers support their green initiatives without the need to sacrifice quality or durability.

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Vanguard Eco-BasketsStrong. Recycled. Comfortable.

By using plastic resins, sourced from across the continent, we produce our innovative line of shopping baskets. At our North American manufacturing facilities, we produce baskets which help retailers promote their green initiatives.

Vanguard Eco-Basket Green

Dimensions: 20.5"L x 13.75"W x 10"H
Weight: 2.1 lbs each
Nesting Distance: 
1" per basket
Case Info: 24/case, 54 lb/case, 21x14x34

Available Colors:
Vanguard Eco-Basket Colors

 Our shopping baskets utilize 25% of recycled resin sourced from plastic bottles.

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