Creating and Maintaining Custom Store Promotions That Work

Creating and Maintaining Custom Store Promotions That Work

Why are so many supermarkets, grocery store and retail
outlets so stale and delinquent in their own space? It’s not that they lack
bright and cheerful employees or smart planners. What is missing is investment,
brand management, architecture, interior design, customer anthropology and
custom promotion design.

Promos and Adversting


Let’s go over 10 key elements that will greatly
improve the customer experience while vastly improving your overall brand.


1. The promotion is honest, transparent and encourages
customer interaction.

2. Employees and managers are organized, happy and eager to
serve customers.

3. The use of technology is integrated at all levels of the
operation, making choices for customers easy and fun.

4. Customer service is not just wallpaper or marketing – but
centered on the brand. Benchmarking is used not only to track performance, but
to fix problems and locate areas that need improvement.

5. The entire shopping experience is easy and enjoyable. The
transition from shopper to buyer/customer should be fun as much as it is

6. Failure and recovery is the primary test of whether the
brand is working, and if it values customer business and loyalty.

7. Details matter. Everything from visual signs to scripts
and receipts are part of the experience and management. Make sure your displays
are appealing and alluring.

8. Competitive benchmarking is not just measured by profits,
but by customer satisfaction.

9. Service and performance must be consistent. The goal is
to make this part of the reputation that is hardwired into the minds of your

10. Reward your employees for good service. Give your
personnel incentives for maintaining your good reputation.

Promos and Adversting


Too often companies and brands get the basics wrong. More
often than not, it is these small details and basics that are the easiest
things to change. Making sure you offer the right services and promotions at
the correct location in your store is imperative. Don’t place advertisements
for produce near the dairy case. Make sure you place your cartwipe stand in the
entry way right next to the shopping cart corral. The key is to learn how to
link the brand to service and delivery. This requires learning who, how and
what customers do and expect when they enter your store. Don’t make promises
you can’t keep. Make sure your visual brand is consistent with the reputation
you build with your customers. At the end of the day – if you don’t offer good
service or if the brand fails to deliver, shoppers will go elsewhere.


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