Abandoned Shopping Carts Costing Stores Thousands

Posted by Carts and Parts on 01/28/2014

Shopping carts left behind can be an eyesore. They can be dangerous obstacles and attract more litter for the community. Stores around the country lose thousands of dollars each month from shopping cart theft. Thankfully, many businesses are starting address the problem in a more proactive manner.

Communities like Federal Way, Washington have organized shopping cart retrieval teams run by volunteers. According to local police, volunteers gather up to 500 abandoned carts each month. The average cost of a cart is $100- $130, totaling $780,000 in prevented losses a year to businesses. Abandoned Shopping Cart

Some stores hire professional retrieval companies or face local fines for each cart the city has to collect. Other communities have actually set up hotlines for people to report shopping carts that have been left behind. Many businesses have also installed shopping cart retention systems where the shopping cart wheels lock if it is taken beyond the store parameter.