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Shopping carts: How dirty are they?

Have you ever wondered how germ infested your shopping cart handle is? Have you ever wondered if the shopping cart wipes you see by the front entrance really work? Abigail Ogle with KOCO in Oklahoma City takes a look at how dirty shopping carts can get at supermarkets, and how you can make sure your shopping cart is clean.

Top 20 Small Grocery Chains and Independents

Have you ever wondered what small chain or independently owned grocery store brings in the largest total sales volume? We found the top 20 players.

Why Xylobag?

With the EPA clamping down on the use of standard plastic bags, it is becoming more important to find a sustainable alternative. Many retail and goverment organizations are turning to compostable plastics. Xylobag breaks down within 180 days in a compostable environment; thus improving soil structure.

Abandoned Shopping Carts Costing Stores Thousands

Lost and stolen shopping carts cost businesses thousands of dollars each month.

The First Grocery Cart on Wheels

The history behind the very first grocery cart on wheels.

Shopping Cart Etiquette

Random Acts of Kindness.

Shopping Cart vs. Buggy

Cart vs Buggy. It's a regional thing.

Shopping Cart Repair: Common Problems

Shopping cart repair and maintenance is a vital part of keeping your store operating smoothly

Creating and Maintaining Custom Store Promotions That Work

Today, people believe a shopping experience should be entertaining. Customers are not only looking for the best deal, they are also looking for innovation, quality service and crafty promotional displays. Customers believe the shopping experience should be as entertaining as utilitarian, and that the yearning for visual stimulation justifies their decision to choose your establishment.

Shopping Cart Retention Systems

Shopping cart retention systems are unparalleled in the success of preventing shopping cart loss.

Neglecting Shopping Cart Maintenance

Neglecting maintenance on your shopping carts can lead to that annoying wobbly wheel.

Becoming a Germophobe in the Supermarket

Cart wipes at the supermarket entrance are becoming a popular trend. People are starting to become aware of what can lurk on a shopping cart handle. It's no surprise wipes are becoming such a common site at most grocery stores.